• I wish I could take Mom to live with us, but how could I manage it?


• Grandma broke her hip. She needs help but the insurance company said they would not pay for nursing care. She does not need nursing care, just someone to keep her company and help her with meal preparation and other daily activities. What could I do?


• Mom and Dad want to stay in their own home but I can't sleep at night worrying about them being there alone.


• After my wife's stroke, we really wanted to be at home together but I didn't know how I could handle it.


• Dad has been living with us since Mom died but it is just getting too difficult for me.


• I was only walking through my kitchen when I just fell. Unfortunately, I fell the wrong way and broke a bone in my spine. Now the doctor says I'm ready to leave the hospital but must remain in bed for three months. I live alone; how can I manage?

• Her current state of happiness and her return to life at home would not be possible without your
Assistance for Daily Living program and the high level of care that the ladies provide...... Stony Brook, New York

• It was a pleasure dealing with someone so efficient and thorough. I'm giving your name to all my friends in need of your services. You do wonders.....
Nesconset, New York

• Thanks a million! The companion you sent is like an angel from above. She is caring, loving and considerate. ....Wantagh, New York

• This is not a road one travels often and your insights to my feelings, frustrations and needs have been most appreciated....West Hempstead, New York

• Every day our grandmother gets a little stronger. At the age of 90, we did not think this would happen......Massapequa, New York

• Thank you for all your support and your diligent efforts to find the perfect person for Mom. the women have done a great job in learning what Mom's physical needs are, insuring that her diet is followed as closely as possible....Garden City, New York

• You were very effective in selecting a 24-hour live-in companion who is dedicated, sincere and a concerned individual....Miller Place, New York